Jire iTickets (Pty) Ltd trading as iTickets.co.za est. 2006, is a privately owned company with the three-fold core business of:

  • Selling tickets for events on behalf of the respective event owners. The services that iTickets offer are similar to that offered by Computicket with the key difference being that iTickets allows a customer to print their bar coded ticket directly at home and they have no need to collect the ticket from an outlet. This technology is made possible by making use of Internet technology.
  • Website development and e-commerce platform development.
  • Information technology hardware sales, i.e. off the shelf software, hardware and peripheral equipment.
  • Business Focus

    At iTickets, we build relationships with our clients: including ministries, promoters, booking agents, artist management and industry representatives. Our willingness to listen to our clients has enabled us to form long and successful partnerships. Our mission is to become a part of your team tasked with providing a level of customer service exceeding industry norms.

    iTickets provide an internet based print-at-home ticketing service, e-commerce website platform for e-business and supply of information technology hardware.

    Event owners require the services of a ticket house to manage the number of tickets that may be sold for the event and in cases where a venue allows for specific seats to be issued to customers the ticket house is required to issue a specific seat number to the customer. In return for the services offered, iTickets receives a commission on each ticket that is issued for a specific event. The services offered by iTickets for event owners include the following:

    Ticket sales

  • iTickets collect funds for ticket sales on behalf of the event owner.
  • All transactions are logged on the iTickets system where detailed order records may be retrieved at any point in time.
  • Event income is paid over to the event owner after successful completion of the event.
  • In the case where an event is canceled, iTickets facilitate refunds to customers on behalf of the event owner.
  • Access control of tickets at the venue

  • iTickets provides equipment and personnel on the day of the event to validate all tickets that were issued by iTickets in order to prevent fraudulent entry to the event.
  • Reporting and consolidation of event income after the event

  • After the successful completion of an event, iTickets provide consolidation reports to the event owner.
  • The funds collected on behalf of the event owner is released to the event owner and iTickets service fees are deducted.
  • e-commerce platform development and content management

  • iTickets have the in-house skill and knowledge base to provide clients with the latest in website technology that may be applied either for informational purposes and content management or tailor made e-commerce platforms.
  • Why We Do What We Do

    iTickets only sells tickets for events that are edifying, uplifting and promote wholesome and righteous values. We are the known and trusted family friendly source for accurate information on everything from the latest national tours to local events.